As of today, the formal blog of TRNSCNDNT will be taking a hiatus. I’ve been really busy all summer balancing two jobs, soccer, and school. While I won’t be updating the blog, I will continue to be active on Twitter, as it’s extremely easy for me to just post stuff from all corners of the internet. You can stay in touch with me by following TRNSCNDNT on Twitter.

A letter to the readers:

First off, thank you. I started TRNSCNDNT back in 2012 with no real goals in mind. I’ve always loved sharing music with friends and this is where the blog derived from. I’ve made new friends through this and hopefully enlightened some readers with new music. I’ve always just ran this blog by myself because I wanted to do it the right way. But a big thanks to all other blogs out there that have supported me. Who knows…maybe I’ll continue to work on the blog next year some time, but for now I’m putting it to rest. If anyone would like me to guest write for them, I’m open to that as well. And if anyone knows any openings to help contribute for interesting blogs, let me know.

Special shoutout to some other blogs that I was inspired by: MTHRFNKRLive for the FunkLife Crushed, Keep On Repeat.

Thank you for your support, Danny.

SBTRKT // New Dorp, New York ft. Ezra Koenig


SBTRKT finally announced his sophomore album Wonder Where We Land recently, and the first sounds from it are extremely promising.  The new album is set to be released September 22nd and will feature Ezra Koenig, Jessie Ware, Sampha and A$AP Ferg.  This is up there in my anticipated albums list.