TRNSCNDNT Guest Mix 005 // Semmé


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a guest mix, so I recently enlisted the help of 19 year old UK producer Semmé.  After discovering him about a month or two ago, he’s gained slowly gained support and popularity and is poised for more this year.  Check out the quick mix, which even includes an exclusive Semmé track!

Well basically I’m a 19 year old lad from a small town near Middlesbrough (North East UK). My friend introduced me to producing at the start of this year and since then it’s taken over most of what I do! Prior to this I also spent the past few years DJ’ing various events with my friends around the area. I take my influences from a range of genres and artists, and I love experimenting with different styles and elements that I put into my work. Also I aim to have a EP out this year. – Semmé

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Mark de Clive-Lowe – Get Started ft Omar (Full Crate Remix)
Siloet – Control (Fion Remix)
Toyboy & Robin – What Ya Wanna Do
Semmé – My Way
Kiri – Nowhere
DrDr – Addicted (Polkadot Remix)
Somá – Look At What I’m
Semmé – Say You

TRNSCNDNT Guest Mix 004 // OSKR

OSKRA couple weeks ago I introduced a virtually brand new producer, OSKR.  The 21 year old producer from Melbourne only has 2 tracks up on Soundcloud but they’re pretty good.  He told me some of his influences and I knew that a guest mix from him could only be great.  So here’s the next installment of the TRNSCNDNT guest mixes. This mix features some awesome tracks, and even includes some unreleased remixes from the lad. With only a handful of supporters so far, make sure to follow/like OSKR!

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Miguel – Adorn (Groundislava + Benedek Cool Mix)
DE$iGNATED – I Can Tell
Jessie Ware – Running (Disclosure VIP Mix)
Sinjin Hawke – Prom Night
J-Lo Ft Ja Rule – I’m Real (OSKR Remix)
DEER! – There For You
Friendships – Draver
Groundislava – Cool Party
Bear//Face – Bruh Bruh
Jeremih – 773 Love
Jeremih – 773 Love (Cashmere Cat Remix)
Cashmere Cat – Aurora
Bailey – All My Life
Tourist – Never Stop (OSKR Remix)
DE$iGNATED – What’s it Gonna Be
TLC – No Scrubs (OSKR Remix)

TRNSCNDNT Guest Mix 003 // Milo Mills

600011_10151161561786419_150628381_n2u6jjupAlright the third guest mix comes today from the up-and-coming Austrain producer Milo Mills.  This guy recently landed on my radar via last second submission of 2012, and I immediately approached him for this mix.  If you haven’t heard any of his stuff yet, check out the brilliant remix he did of the recent JMSN x Ta-ku track.  This mix features one of the best tracks of last year, Polkadot’s “Wasn’t Like That”, and also a plethora of Disclosure tunes.  Definitely keep an eye on Mills this year – you heard it here first.

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01. Aaron Lipsett & Fion – Cognac
02. Disclosure – Latch (Bailey Remix)
03. Deborah Cox X Milo Mills – Leave The World Behind Bootleg
04. Polkadot – Wasn’t Like That
05. Artful Dodger – Please Don’t Turn Me On (Disclosure Remix)
06. Ta-ku X JMSN – Make It Last (Milo Mills Remix)
07. Disclosure – Boiling (feat. Sinead Harnett)
08. Bondax – Baby I Got That (Justin Martin Endless Summer Remix)
09. Dwele – The Truth (J Paul Getto Afterparty Remix)
10. Milo Mills – Let Me Go


206664_10150214462431419_7918004_n Hello people.  Today I present to you the second guest mix ever for TRNSCNDNT.  This one comes from DE$iGNATED.  “DE$iGNATED are a musical duo hailing from the southwest of england (London/Hampshire) And Compromises of 17 Year Old’s 808 B!T (Nima Bazrcar) & Corduroifs (Rory Bowyer)”.  I recently posted a song of theirs just earlier today and was fortunate enough to have the guys send a mix over right away.  I took notice of the duo a couple weeks ago when this song hit my radar.  Anyways, check out the little chat I had with them and stream the mix below.  And head over to all of DE$iGNATED’s social pages below.

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1) TCTS – Feel So Good
2) T Williams – Dreaming
3) Rihanna Ft. Calvin Harris – We Found Love (Christópherson “Just-For-Fun” Mix)
4) DE$iGNATED – I Can Tell You
5) Kyogi – Operator
6) Aaron Lipsett & Fion – Kinda Slow
7) Kastle – Stay Forever
8) Ill Blu – Tik Tock
9) Sweater Beats – MLLNDLLR (Karma Kid Remix)
10) Bailey – C’est Un Oui
11) Fion – Notice You
13) Xian – Need 2 Know
14) Disclosure – i love…that you know
15) Kyogi – You Were (honest remix)
17) Black Eyed Peas – Shut Up (Blacksmif Remix)


– So who are you guys and where are you located?

Nima:  My name is Nima/808 B!T I grew up in East London, moved to Hook, Hampshire when I was 12 and lived there up until 6 months ago, I currently reside in South London. I am 1/2 of DE$iGNATED and also co-produce and play synth in the band “Kings Of The City”

Rory:  I’m Rory/Corduroifs, from Hook (in Hampshire), have lived there since I was 2, moving in to Guildford next year to do my degree.

– How’d you two meet and get together to form DE$iGNATED?

Nima: Me & Rory have been good friends since we were about 14 years old, his tutor room in school was opposite mine so I think it was around then, Rory used to come round all the time and watch me make beats, then he started himself and I hooked him up and coz he used to live down my road we’d always produce together so was such a natural progression really.

Rory:  As Nima said we met a few years ago at school and became good friends! I got into producing through him and became obsessed with it. We’d been producing together for a while just for fun and eventually decided to start making music more seriously together, as “DE$iGNATED” !

– Any musical influences?

Nima: Yeah I’ve got a lot of musical influences, I pretty much love all music, I don’t even believe in the word “genre” as corny as that sounds, I feel genre’s have turnt into tribalism which is the one thing we shouldn’t have when it comes to music.  My biggest influence is Mount Kimbie for sure.

RoryMyself and Nima both listen to a lot of different types of music, and are influenced from everything. I actually started getting into making music playing guitar in a band, playing anything from rock, to reggae, to indie. At the moment I take a lot of influence from hip-hop and trap music, but trap as in artists such as Waka Flocka Flame and Cheif Keef more than newer more experimental trap. But I also listen to and am influenced by a lot of deep house, future garage and bass music.

– How do you guys feel about the whole UK scene just exploding right now? For me living in America, it’s teasing knowing that it’s so good across the pond.

Nima: I find it quite supposing this experimental bass music is getting this amount of recognition, growing up on Flying Lotus & Burial i didn’t think it would transition to how it is now, I have a lot of hope for the scene next year and it’s growing more and more everyday here.

Rory:  Really cool, seeing Disclosure on all the music channels and in the charts was amazing. I think/hope that the scene will keep expanding and growing!

– What are you guys jammin’ right now? Anyone you really want to see live?

Nima: Right now ive got “Bailey – C’est Un Oui” on repeat, an amazing tune, also got Karma Kid, Bondax, Mount Kimbie (always), 123mrk & Maribou State rammed on my phone. I’d love to see Mount Kimbie live again and Metronomy… and Lil B.

Rory:  Cant stop listening to Kendrick Lamar’s new album at the moment, best new hip hop album in years! Karma Kid, Kyogi, Bailey, Kastle, many more all killing it right now! Would love to see all of those names and more live… and Lil B.

– Besides making music, what do you like to do in your free time?

Nima: Ermmm most the things I do are music orientated, but if it isn’t, I’m usually out with the lads or going parties or gatherings (like any other teenager), quality.

RoryWhat Nima said! Parties or out with that lads. But most of the time I’m either at college, or producing.

– Your Soundcloud bio. says “TWO 17 YEAR OLD PRODUCERS FUSiNG GENRES THAT THEY LiKE”.  What are you guys trying to do with this “fusing”? I can definitely hear some electronic/post-dubstep and even R&B vocals in some tracks.

NimaBasically me and Rory love alot of music and I can never stick to just one sound, so thought fuck it, whatever I like I’ll throw in the mix, bout it really, we like being outside the box.

RoryBasically sometimes I start to make a track of one genre, but then I get an image of it sounding sick as another genre, so it just blends between haha. But yeah just many different genres influencing our songs!

– With the derby coming up, I’ve got to ask: United or City?  I actually play football myself and am a huge Man United fan.

Nima: I don’t really follow football anymore, but I was a huge United fan growing up, so I guess it’s United !

RoryDon’t follow the football either, so doesn’t bother me! ha.

TRNSCNDNT Guest Mix #001: Mosaicc

Super excited to post this today.  I mentioned a few days ago that I would like to do guest mixes and here is the first one by Mosaicc.  He is a fairly new producer from Virginia.  I posted a brilliant song of his You And I last week (this also shows up on the mix).  This mix is so smooth and real mellow.  Listed to it above and go check out Mosaicc. And if any producers out there would like to do a guest mix of their own, let me know.

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T R A C K L I S T:

Tara Carosielli // Resistance (Interlude)
Vanilla // Sure
AlunaGeorge // Put Up Your Hands
Perseus // Running Back To You
Sweater Beats // Anxious
Mosaicc // You and I
Musiq Soulchild // So Beautiful (Lapalux Bootleg Remix)