Why You Should Care About Your Taste In Music

Express Yourself

Don’t be like the 99% and listen to only those hit songs that eventually get really annoying to the point where you want to rip out the radio from your buddy’s car.  It’s almost like clothes or movies or anything; have an opinion.  It’s much more interesting for a person to actually have an opinion about something rather than just being apathetic.  Musical taste is just another way for one to express themselves.

Discovering unknown bands or songs feels really good

That special moment when you’re like 20 videos deep on YouTube and all of a sudden stumble across a gem of a song is such a great moment.  It’s hard for me to not sound like an a-hole ~*hipster*~ with this, but it just really feels good to discover something cool that you can share with your friends.

There Is So Much Better Music Out There

Popular music is really bad.  It’s the sad truth.  We allow people like this to achieve stardom and don’t hold them accountable for their god awful music (that song’s title has a f***ing hashtag in it for god’s sake).  I’m not sure if this is due to rising social media influences or our generation is just that dumb.  I highly doubt that someone hears these hit songs and go on to download that artist’s discography and keep tabs on them claiming they’re fans.  So why can’t we begin to appreciate good music more?  In his article for the New York Times, Saul Austerlitz says that even music critics are failing to derail pop music, which he terms “poptimism.”  According to Austerlitz, “Poptimism now not only demands devotion to pop idols; it has instigated an increasingly shrill shouting match with those who might not be equally enamored of pop music.”

It doesn’t help that we listeners keep encouraging this crumby pop music rather than holding these artists accountable.  Hopefully people can start to branch beyond just what the radio is playing.  Again, it’s hard to write this without sounding like a condescending prick, but I guess someone has to eventually address this.  What do you guys think?  Am I just being arrogant and condescending or is this what we are all thinking?

4 thoughts on “Why You Should Care About Your Taste In Music

  1. I get you man. I’d say that it all boils down to people’s seeking spirit. How much are they really seeking that awesome jam? To what extent does this desire need to be satisfied? The thing is, there is so much pop music being released every day. Even though the majority of it all sounds the same, because it has a different name, it is perceived differently and so heard differently – and therefore seems “new”. I feel that this is the limit to which the general public is satisfied by music and creativity (although, with films/art it is far more noticeable and happens less but still happens. e.g. you watch a quentin tarantino film nowadays because you know that he is a great director and so watch the film with the attitude that this is a great film).

    For example:
    I personally have nothing against Justin Bieber, I actually feel pity for him because he has been forced to live in a certain type of way. His humanity has effectively been raped to shreds but in order to survive, that is what he has had to do. Since there is so much hatred towards him, however, when I listen to his recent stuff (which isn’t quite Craig David, but isn’t greatly far off) I find some contempt towards him and the song even though the music isn’t actually that bad. The guy has a really good voice; if the song writing is shit, it’s not his fault. The way you hear a song reflects the way you see that artist (whether consciously or not).

    So that’s maybe a reason to WHY this happens and how the general public is fooled into spending money on the same thing multiple times. However, that’s not really what matters in this situation.

    What I’d like to know is why do you care what the general public likes? If they get just as much support/inspiration/motivation/whatever out of what they listen to, then it doesn’t really matter WHAT they are listening to, but more that they are experiencing that same feeling. Saying that the way in which someone does that has less value that the way you do it is indeed arrogant and condescending. Don’t mean to be mean, it’s just a fact.

    This post has been really thought-provoking for me and replying to it has helped me see other areas of my life that I can apply this to. For example, the way people live in general is different to the way I live, how do I deal with that?

    It’s clearly on your mind to warrant a post so I hope my reply has helped at least a little in clearing any frustration in your life 🙂



    • I guess that I’m more bothered by the fact that our society is limiting the music spectrum to this pop genre rather than being mad at someone for liking a certain song/artist. I think there is a ton of untapped music potential that will unfortunately never surface because of this.

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