Introducing: Mediate

1157479_428191257302001_1232237470_nTalent upon talent appear to keep flooding out of the UK.  Mediate consists of Manchester’s Suzy Alexander and Ant Hickman.  According to their SoundCloud, they draw influences from house & garage sounds of Chicago, Detroit, and New York.  This is very present in their new “What You Do” with a piano-driven beat.

In an article from Kaltblut Magazine, Ant reveals that the two grew up together as neighbors and schoolmates.  Perhaps this lifetime friendship has enabled the two to, after only one year together as Mediate, produce such flowing house music.

The obvious presence of female vocals makes me what to compare Mediate to fellow Brits DrDr and Bedlam.  With all three being fairly new and talented, they give much hope to other female-vocal groups and remind us that there IS better music out there than white rappers who look like The Office characters.


Their interview with Kaltblut further explains that they are currently focusing on finishing up new material as well as preparing their live act.  The duo has already performed at Ibiza and Unknown music festivals not to mention having already supported the likes of Disclosure, Star Slinger, Karma Kid and more.  With the duo releasing an EP on Star Slinger’s Jet Jam label in the near future, it’s certain that 2014 will be a good year for them.  Follow Mediate across the board below:

SoundCloud / Facebook / Twitter

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