Sango // Mix for Live For The Funk



(via LFTF)

Amel Larrieux – For Real (Jael Remix)
Kings – Magnificat
Sango – Middle of Things, Beautiful Wife (Fea.t SPZRKT)
Sango – Seattle Juke (South End Love)
Waldo – Purple Heart
Sango – Untitled (Unreleased)
Inc. – Trust (Hell Below)
$ir OJ – Directions (New York New York)
Amerie – Why Don’t We Fall In Love (Kaytranada Edition)
Rochelle Jordan – Shotgun (Dpat Remix)
JMSN – Love & Pain (Sango Remix)
Waldo – Truth Be Told
Sango – Affection (Feat. JMSN)
Ta-ku – I Miss You
Sango – No One Else
Drake – The Motion (Sango Edit)
LAKIM – Rent For
Marvel Alexander – Don’t Fuck With Me
Waldo – Finally
R. Kelly – Ignition (Bonnie Rerub)
Sampha – Beneath the Tree
Jo Def – I’m (Edit)
J Dilla – She Said (Pharcyde – Jay Dee Remix)
Aaliyah – We Need A Resolution

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