Moose Records // Moose Tape #2

935382_499293800119960_685613041_nUsually when I see these Bandcamp comps. I’m pretty hesitant to listen.  Most of the time it’s these artists that I’ve never heard of and they have really crazy symbols/charactered names with s p r e a d  o u t letters for their names and then most of the time they are just really average songs. I guess I’m being a bit unfair and stereotyping, but let’s be honest, if you’ve been sent as many submissions and seen as many of these weird and poor Bandcamps as me you’d know why I’m saying this.  But French producer Andrea’s fairly new label Moose Records has released their second compilation, much more mature than most of these comps. that I see, with a stunning 10-track release.  Download/stream it below.

One thought on “Moose Records // Moose Tape #2

  1. has some of the best electronic music ive heard all year. kinda sounds like balam acab. \

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