Jacques Greene // On Your Side ft. How To Dress Well


This is so huge I can’t put it into words. It’s just ughhghghghghghhhhh so good.  It’s part of Jacques Greene’s upcoming EP On Your Side that comes out digitally June 3rd and on vinyl July 1st.  I’m now working 40+ hours a week on a golf course this summer so I for once will have some major spending money; but I fear I’ll spend all of it on records ahaha.  And this was the first comment on the track on SoundCloud; so good I just had to paste it below:

“thug tearz runnin down my face like the personification of a waterfall running track for the olympics and defeating usain bolt even though in theory lightning is supposed to defeat the water element word to pokemon however the water can assume any form like a shapeshifter or chameleon, thus shoutout to bruce lee, if u pour water into the bottle, it becomes the bottle, if u pour water into the human it decomposes the h2o and becomes one with the human being, quenches its thirst and balances its electrolytes, thus the water is actually a conductor word to physical science 436 back in the day, but in conclusion, this shit is aqua, flows so well, and brings tears into my eyes because it’s so beautiful :’) <3”

Jacques Greene / How To Dress Well / Buy

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