Ambassadeurs // Mix for i-D


So I’ve never really had a pair of good headphones (never wanted to drop too much $) so I’ve always used the iPod ones.  I have like 4 pairs of them, but each one has something broken on it, and all of them are fucked up so that the sound doesn’t go as loud as possible.  Recently I’ve been stuck trying to listen to stuff while my bro roommates blast some other shit, arrogant rap.  BUT. By the glory of God or something I found a like-new pair of iPod headphones in a parking lot lat at night a few days ago.  Now I can listen in peace to amazing things like this mix.  Moral of the story, please don’t listen to arrogant rap.


1 – Ambassadeurs – Untitled
2 – Shlohmo – Rained The Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
3 – MachineDrum – Sacred Frequency
4 – 813 – Plumbeous Bubbles
5 – Hyetal – Beach Scene
6 – Pomrad – Pidb
7 – Dj Spanish Fly – Going to Mr Z’s
8 – DJ Roc – Get Buck Juice
9 – BLU – Above Crenshaw
10 – Throwing Snow – Melum
11 – 2000f and J Kamata – You Don’t Know What Love Is
12 – Ambassadeurs – Untitled
13 – Salva – I’l Be Your Friend
14 – Machinedrum – No Respect

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